7 Keys to Amplifying Your Content on LinkedIn

7 Keys to Amplifying Your Content on LinkedIn

You’ve written some great content for your B2B inbound marketing campaign, now you need to distribute and amplify your content online and convert it into new leads.

For any of us looking to find new B2B customers, LinkedIn has the greatest concentration of potential leads online - but it’s a crowded marketplace. Distributing and amplifying your content on LinkedIn is vital to making the most out of your B2B inbound lead generation.

1) Format your content to best reach your target Buyer Personas Be sure you know who you are writing to, and tailor the content to them. You should have a clear picture of what they like to read about, whether they would rather see a video or a spreadsheet. This content needs to push their buttons.

2) Know what you want to achieve Are you looking to get people to visit your site for the first time? To learn more about your product? To buy something today? Know where your visitor is in the Buyer’s Journey. Include clear actions - make it easy for your potential customer to follow you.

3) Make your content valuable There is not enough time in the day to read everything published on LinkedIn, so make sure your carrot is bright and tasty with these simple rules.

4) Synchronise your efforts This content should be consistent with your company’s online presence, brand and personality. Use your page header and change it regularly to show your latest offer, or to promote a new product, blog or event.

5) Use LinkedIn’s other features!

LinkedIn tools which will help you to reach your audience:

  • Pulse: A platform for publishing content into the newsfeeds of your contacts. A sure-fire way to increase your readership, make sure that you are familiar with how to optimise content for mobile devices!

  • Groups: Draw your customers together, publish to them, have them share their stories, talk about your product. Then attract people to the group who are asking questions that your product answers by inviting people who closely match to your Buyer Personas.

  • Showcase Pages: You can create sub-pages to represent your brands or products. Ensure that you are linking to these and publishing content that matches their aesthetic.

  • And the star player here: Paid ads and sponsored updates: Paid ads on LinkedIn allow you to showcase your content around the newsfeeds – above or on the sidebar – of target user-types. Relatively small, and more commercial looking than most inbound tactics, these can still be effective ways to grab the attention of the right people.

Are paid ads for your content truly part of Inbound? YES! As long as they are:

  • targeted at your buyer persona
  • answer a specific Long Tail Keyword query
  • progress your audience along the Buyer’s Journey

LinkedIn’s sponsored update tool lets you promote a post to specific people directly in their newsfeeds. So this like a paid ad but instead pushes your LinkedIn posts out to a targeted audience.

This is a different breed of paid advert, significantly more effective than the passé banner ad. This is targeted. The right content, to the right people, at the right time.

6) Share and get others to share

  • Make it easy for anyone who enjoyed your content to share it with others. Try not to sound too needy though – remember that you are offering something valuable here!
  • Use your team to get content out there. Make sure that your staff are networking and publishing your content, while following your strict inbound guidelines.

7) Test and refine

  • Use LinkedIn and social media publishing tools for powerful metrics, then analyse the data!
  • Feed back into buyer personas to better reflect your new customers.
  • Refine content – remember, always one item at a time (say, the Call To Action or the font size) then measure again, so that you can see the impact of that change.
  • Recycle what works. Use successful blogs again, publishing to different people.
  • Use this data in planning future content on all platforms.

Above all, keep it fresh, concise and interesting. For more on how to integrate all of your inbound marketing into a cohesive program, simply click below.

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