How can you find and recruit new technology partners with the right fit for your business in a crowded market?

And finding technology partner recruitment specialists is even more difficult, because of the complex balance of technical and commercial conversations that must take place to qualify any potential OEM or VAR partner.

Our Specialist Approach to Partner Campaigns Starts Early

  • Our senior team is composed of seasoned partner recruitment specialists (OEM and VAR), with years of experience in identifying the right OEM technology fit commercially and technically
  • Sophisticated pre-campaign research, uncovering the right potential OEM partners for your partner recruitment campaign and capturing critical information about their IP (intellectual property) and product portfolios, to ensure our specialists are as prepared as possible before each and every conversation.
  • Creating credible, engaging propositions that will capture the attention of your key target contacts in product management and strategy, technical development, business development and other senior positions.

And continues right through the partner campaign execution

  • Engaging the prospective partner in a detailed business conversation to explore their IP ownership (where appropriate), technology roadmap, the feasibility of partnership and arrange exploratory meetings where there is a potential fit
  • Navigating an organisation where necessary to gain key intelligence about technology, partnership stakeholders, commercials and structure
  • Providing comprehensive reporting so your channel account managers have a deep understanding of each OEM opportunity, including a broad range of commercial, technical and political factors that might influence the outcome of any meeting.
  • Using Inbound Marketing strategy and tactics in combination with outbound (such as telephone-based business development) to create an ongoing lead generation engine, meaning that potential OEM partners find you.

We have extensive experience designing and implementing OEM and VAR partner recruitment campaigns for leading technology vendors and specialist SMEs, as well as supporting lead generation for existing partner-bases with a range of inbound and outbound campaign options. Our approach to outbound is different and proven over many effective OEM partner, VAR partner, and direct lead generation campaigns.