You need accurate marketing data for an outbound campaign, but you don’t want tired lists from stale databases, or you have a niche requirement that traditional marketing list companies can’t provide. Maybe your existing CRM data is out-of-date and needs refreshing.

That’s where Target Account Profiling comes in.

Target Account Profiling is a specialised marketing data service that researches and compiles bespoke, actionable contact lists for your outbound campaigns. We provide you with a list of markets, companies and contacts that meet your specific criteria:

  • Market
  • Company type (or individual companies)
  • Geography (global coverage)
  • Contact titles
  • IP ownership (e.g. for OEM campaigns)

Data is gathered specifically for you, from rich sources such as social networks, business publications, company websites, blogs, industry portals, and many more, by expert compilers using market leading technology. Many of our sources are maintained by the contacts themselves, so data is as current and accurate as possible.

Your Challenges

  • Do you still use expensive mass mailing or tele-cleansing activities to refresh contact details for outbound campaigns?
  • Maintaining high quality, accurate customer data on your CRM system is time-consuming and expensive. But without clean data, you increase your cost-of and time-to-sale and risk overlooking up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.
  • Data from list brokers is often outdated and overused. Data providers working off tired databases struggle to service bespoke requirements.
  • Your sales and marketing teams need accurate, actionable, qualified contacts at their fingertips. The challenge for marketing is how to maximise the effectiveness of demand generation to service this need.
  • You need an existing contact database or CRM data refresh

How does Nexusb2b Target Account Profiling work?

  1. You define your ideal target group in terms of market, company and contact type, as well as geographical location and other key information (such as what IP a company owns); you can even give us your existing data for cleansing.
  2. We will research and compile high quality data that meets your criteria using expert compilers and market leading technology.
  3. Results: the right selection of companies for your demand generation goals. Accurate, up-to-date information on the best targets for your product or service.
  4. Additionally, our ongoing service means that your data is always fresh and actionable.

On Target. Quick. Cost Effective

The information we collate about individuals is accurate, up-to-date and more detailed than standard brokered lists. We’re searching where contacts maintain their own details.

Our technology can capture additional information that other providers can’t offer – all custom made for your specific needs.

Target Account Profiling is the perfect base for executing highly successful marketing or sales campaigns. Our accurate, bespoke contact lists ensure that your message is delivered precisely to those people who can make decisions to purchase your products and services.