Senior-level Telemarketing: Build Pipeline Fast

How can you find new leads and deals quickly to fill your sales pipeline?

Senior-level Telemarketing is about getting your B2B technology sales message into the market quickly to uncover opportunities for your salespeople to nurture and close.

Our approach is different and based on hundreds of successful B2B enterprise software solution lead generation campaigns for major vendors and specialist SMEs.

Unlike volume call centres and telemarketing agencies, we use highly experienced software solution sales veterans, who now specialise in the early-stage sales-cycle. They bring an informed technology sales background to conduct intelligent conversations with your prospects.

Our tried and tested, senior-level telemarketing campaign processes, including our bespoke marketing data service Target Account Profiling, ensure a solid foundation, consistent quality of lead, clear and intelligent reporting, and ongoing refinement of all campaign aspects.

A broad and deep experience of enterprise software solution sales gives our telephone business developers the ability and insight to:

  • Understand and work with complex B2B technology sales propositions
  • Have credible business conversations up to c-level that focus on prospect pains
  • Intelligently adapt sales propositions on the fly, reacting to the evolving conversation and prospect needs
  • Use social networks, web research and multiple touch-points to maximise the potential of enterprise software sales opportunities
  • Work with you to adapt campaign focus and propositions to ensure effective engagement with target markets
  • Provide a deep understanding of sales opportunities taking in a broad range of influencing factors
  • Integrate inbound and outbound marketing for a powerful hybrid solution.

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