6 New B2B Buyer Stats Lead Generation Experts Need to Know

6 New B2B Buyer Stats Lead Generation Experts Need to Know

The DemandGen 2015 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report is out and it makes very interesting reading for anyone involved in B2B lead generation. Here are 6 brand new B2B buyer statistics you need to know:-

Social Media in 2015

  • 53% said that social media was involved in their assessment of technologies. Nearly a quarter (21%) said social media was a key component of their research

Inbound Marketing - Why Content is King

  • 52% of B2B buyers stated they viewed 2-4 pieces of content before making a decision and 28% stated they viewed 5-7 pieces of content.

Sales Cycles are Not What They Were

  • 53% of buyers say their time to purchase has increased with 80% of those stating their time spent researching is longer and 82% of respondents viewing more sources of information in their research.

Stakeholder Networking is More Important Than Ever

  • 43% stated that more people are now involved in the buying committee
    • 48%: 1-3 people involved in purchases
    • 35%: 4-6 people involved in purchases

Specific Experience is Key

  • 85% said they were looking for a vendor with knowledge of their sector.

What to do about all of this? We’ll be talking about that in the weeks to come. In the meantime, it’s definitely time to review your buyer engagement strategy using our handy free guide.

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