6 Ways Twitter Drives Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

6 Ways Twitter Drives Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Using Twitter as part of your inbound marketing strategy is a powerful way of increasing traffic and improving your lead generation results. Here are six ways to ensure your content hits home and drives your leads to buy.

  • Twitter will only allow you to use 140 characters, and that is part of its charm. Quick, well written and punchy tweets will get prospects’ attention. However, it is said that 120 characters is the optimal tweet length as, if your message is re-tweeted your name is added to the end, which can dilute the message. Keep it short and sweet for maximum effect.
  • Make it special! Treat your twitter followers so they feel that they are getting something extra by tweeting offers, discounts or news flashes and ensure that they are exclusive. Making it special, makes it personal.
  • A tweet has a life of around 20 minutes, so tweeting often ensures you maximum coverage. However, constantly advertising is not the key so around 80% of your tweets should be educational or ‘curated’ content, with 20% being directly about products. Use Twitter Analytics to ensure that you are hitting your market at the right time and tweak it to maximise traffic and use twitter lists to ensure you are imparting the information correctly. An unread Tweet is exactly that… Unread.
  • Use your Twitter feed to share your blog post. This is (or should be) a direct link back to your site, so keep your blog current and relevant. Use it as an extra advertising tool to pull in those extra clicks and drive that extra traffic.
  • Ask questions and give answers. The beauty of Twitter is its highly personal nature. If a customer asks a question, then answering it should be a natural response. Ask questions back and develop a rapport. This is normal practise in a retail environment and the personal nature of Twitter allows it to work in the online model too. Engaging your customer will encourage them and others to click on your links, visit your business site and engage in your product.
  • There are many ways that using Twitter to drive your inbound marketing strategy will help build a stronger online presence, but the most important point of all is engagement. It is the personal, quick fire method of ensuring customer participation that makes Twitter a winner. Keeping your tweets fresh and relevant will drive views and clicks plus create trust in your business.

Twitter will be a key part of your inbound marketing strategy, if you stick to these key points.

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