8 Great SEO Tools to Boost Your Inbound Leads

8 Great SEO Tools to Boost Your Inbound Leads

We all know how it is, you spend months working on a great website and blog, and weeks preparing amazing content, only to get a few visits to your site. So, how can you quickly optimise your site to win more Inbound Marketing leads?

Check out this list of 8 great SEO tools that can boost your Inbound leads

1) Possibly the most well known of all of the SEO analytics and tracking tools is Google Analytics. This is the most widely used SEO tool and helps you track and report website traffic and analyse, in detail, your visitors’ journeys through your site.

2) SumoMe Heat Maps tool is great for seeing exactly where visitors are clicking on your website and blog content. If you can see what your visitors are clicking on, you know what works and where to improve other areas. Google looks at quality of content so real-world feedback like this is vital.

3) However, if you are not getting enough visitors to your site then it may be that you are not using the right keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that your potential visitors type into search engines to find a product or service they need. If you are not using optimal keywords, this may stop potential customers finding your site. To help with this you can use Keyword research. A great tool for this is Keyword Analytics which helps you find long-tail keywords with low SEO competition.

4) Another very simple keyword tool is Uber Suggest. You just type in your Keyword and it produces a list of alternatives.

5) If your business is locality dependent, then it helps to have a tool that supports you with geographical SEO optimisation. A great SEO tool for this is Whitespark Local Citation Finder. This shows you where the best places are to list your business for better local SEO.

6) Another good local SEO tool is Moz Local, which is very simple to use. You just enter your business name and postcode, and it shows how your business is ranking. Great if you are just starting out or just need to do a quick check.

7) If your SEO ranking has dropped off, try Panguin Tool by Barracuda digital. This tool connects to Google Analytics and shows you if a drop off in your traffic is linked to a Google algorithm change.

8) Broken links can affect the amount of time a visitor spends on your website and can contribute to your bounce rate as seen by Google. Google calculates your bounce rate as the number of single-page sessions. As such, it is important to avoid broken links on your site. Broken Link Checker is a helpful tool that shows you which of your hyperlinks are dead and where they are located.

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