8 Tools to Transform Your Website into a Lead Gen Engine

8 Tools to Transform Your Website into a Lead Gen Engine

To generate Inbound leads and new customers, your website needs to be so much more than just an information portal. Here are 8 tools you can use straight away to improve your website’s lead generation effectiveness.

1) SumoMe shows you where visitors to your website are clicking, and where they are not, through the use of heat maps. It also offers Smart Share which optimises your sharing options on a page by page basis, a fully customisable, pop-up capture form that activates when a visitor is about to leave your site to encourage them to subscribe, as well as subscription bars and full page CTAs. Get the pro tools and you can access a stack of powerful customisation options.

2) OptinMonster offers powerful list building tools, by allowing you to create forms easily and quickly, using a targeted content pop-up offer when a visitor is about to exit your site. This is in addition to other page-dependent targeted pop-ups. They also offer help with analysing conversion with A/B testing, conversion statistics, and pop-ups designed specifically for mobile.

3) Sharethis Allows you to choose from a range of platforms that you want social sharing buttons to be placed on and allows you to select and customise the style you want so that it fits with your company branding.

4) Vimeo Plus or Vimeo Pro are both great tools for easily hosting video on your website. Video is a great Inbound tool. It’s dynamic, engaging, and visitors like and are more likely to share visual content.

5) Responsive web design; if you’re thinking about creating or redesigning a site, responsiveness is critical. The good news is that there are tools out there, such as Webflow that make designing a responsive website a lot quicker and easier, and you do not need to be able to use code to edit their templates.

6) Search Engine Optimization tools; There are various plug-ins for your website that can help with this and we all know about Google Analytics, but it is worth looking at other tools too such as Moz Open Site Explorer. If you want something a bit more comprehensive, Inbound software solutions such as HubSpot,which has built-in SEO features, are ideal.

7) Canva is great for free and cheap ($1!) stock images for your site and allows you to create designs, use their templates and edit photographs. You can create very professional looking results without being a skilled designer.

8) Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool for researching Keywords and shows you the amount of traffic your keywords are getting.

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