10 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement on Social Media

10 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement on Social Media

How do you increase audience engagement on social media? Let’s take a look at 10 quick and simple ways you can build social into your Inbound strategy to win more leads.

1) Listen carefully: This means listening to what potential and existing customers are saying about you on social media and also listening to the conversations that are taking place online about your areas of business.

This is a great starting point for finding and engaging with leads.

2) Be responsive to negative feedback: Responding to negative feedback from customers can turn a negative into a positive.

The fact that you have responded will help rebuild some of the trust that may have been broken by the customer’s problem. Responding gives you an opportunity to add value by offering to help with a resolution. You might even get the chance to offer a piece of content, such as a free eBook, that will not only help, but might create a cross-sell or upsell opportunity.

3) Ask questions: Asking relevant business questions on social media can be a powerful tool for engaging with your potential and existing customers, to uncover their current business problems and maybe gain an insight into their plans.

Once you have asked the question, make sure you follow up on the responses and provide a potential solution to a problem, or offer a piece of content to meet the need.

4) Invite your customers to interact with you: Asking customers to post reviews or testimonials on social media about your product or service helps them to feel engaged and builds trust in your brand. It’s good for them and for potential leads.

5) Be human: Photographs of you and your staff are a great idea when you advertise on linkedin, because they show potential customers that there is a person at the other end. Humanising your organisation can help drive up your lead generation, and as the old saying goes, "People Buy People First".

6) Make your company easy to follow: Ensure that all of your social media icons are easy to see on all of your digital content, not just your website.

7) Be generous with your content: Remember, you are writing your content for the benefit of your customers and your potential customers. It really needs to help them. Sharing content on social that is useful and relevant, such as our 27 blog post ideas you can use now, will mean that your followers, as well as existing and future customers come to rely on you for help and information.

This will help to put your company at the top of their minds when they are about to start a new project.

8) Share external content: Sharing the content of other experts in your field shows potential and existing customers that you are keeping up to date. This will help to promote you as a reliable source of excellent content and is another step in building trust in your brand. Use content curation sites like Scoop to make the job easier.

9) Time it right: It is not just about having great content, but when you post it, that helps to increase engagement on social media. Whilst it would be easier to post your content across all mediums at the same time, to get the best results you need to know when people are going to be accessing a particular platform.

You should review your social media posting schedule alongside your buyer persona’s to get maximum engagement.

10) Post often and consistently: Social media is a very flexible part of any marketing strategy. How much you should be posting versus how much you could be posting is a common source of confusion. Here’s a link to some helpful stats on social media posting frequency across several industries.

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