Get More Backlinks With These Resources

Get More Backlinks With These Resources

If you’re struggling to attract website visitors, or striving to win more, here are some powerful and mostly free backlink resources that will help you improve SERPS and ultimately drive new leads to your website.

  • Backlinko
    Backlinko is the holy grail of SEO advice sites. Run by SEO guru Brian Dean, it contains a wealth of practical, actionable information that you can use to start winning backlinks straight away, including the famous Skyscraper technique. There’s too much valuable information to link to it all, but here’s a link to some of Brian’s quick SEO hacks to get you started.

  • Tools
    Here are some free and paid tools you can use to check the architecture of your site (including identifying SEO no-nos such as duplicate content.

Site loading speed: Google’s PageSpeed Insights Mobile friendliness: Google’s Mobile Friendly check Duplicate content: Siteliner

Moz is not free (although there is a free trial available) but it’s a powerful set of integrated website analysis tools that lets you gain a more detailed understanding of where you are with SEO and SERPS and why. We use Moz for our own site and also for clients. Actioning results from Moz, we’ve been able to make huge differences to website rankings with some fairly simple remedies. Why is this important? Moz will help you identify and fix problem areas that are getting you punished in Google’s rankings. Better rankings means more visitors. Sign up for a free Moz trial here.

And this is a list of white hat backlink strategies put together by HubSpot, to fire your creativity.

There’s an almost endless pool of resources online to help and advise on backlink strategy, some of them helpful and some high-risk (and black hat). Getting started is the key and you can take advantage of our free website SEO report by clicking the button below.

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