Opt-in Accelerator for GDPR Compliance

One of the key GDPR responsibilities of businesses is to ensure that the data they use is retained on an opt-in basis. i.e. the person knows their details are being held, has given their permission for this, and has full knowledge of what that data is used for and by whom. In addition, the opt-in must be provable (in the event of a Subject Access Request) and regularly refreshed.

We’ve put together a package to accelerate your contact database to opt-in status, a key component of GDPR compliance.

With Opt-in Accelerator, you get:

  • Optional expansion of your existing B2B database with fresh, highly-targeted contact data researched for your individual needs.
  • A custom campaign run by senior business developers to gain opt-in from your database contacts (existing and new)
  • Ongoing quarterly nurture of data to ensure continued opt-in
  • Advice on what lead generation strategies you can put in place to ensure a continuous flow of new GDPR-compliant prospects

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