Inbound Marketing & B2B Telemarketing for the Technology Sector - Highly relevant, qualified leads

Often, we see technology businesses caught in a cycle of diminishing returns with B2B telemarketing campaigns targeting tired lists of data, supported by single-tactic inbound marketing efforts, such as email blasts. This approach is not only expensive and unproductive, but it ignores something fundamental about how buyers do business now.

Research shows that your sales prospects are completing nearly 60% of their buying decision-making process without you. They’re looking for solutions on their own, using search engines, social media, forums, groups and blogs.

Nexusb2b combines powerful Inbound Marketing and senior-level B2B telemarketing for the technology sector, all supported by proven processes, to create lead generation that attracts and converts the prospects your technology business needs to thrive. We also support your existing strategy with stand-alone inbound marketing and senior-level B2B telemarketing services.

We walk the walk

We don’t just talk about combining inbound marketing and telemarketing. Inbound Sales is how our customers find us. When we recommend a strategy to you, it’s because we’ve done it and we know it works.

Thinking…then doing

A clear, cohesive strategy is the foundation of an Inbound or hybrid campaign. We work with you to create a campaign plan with goals, schedules, content strategy and projections.

Measure, Analyse, Enhance, Improve

We measure, measure, measure and optimise daily to ensure your campaign is always on track meeting goals and delivering the sales leads you need.

Top Inbound Marketing Automation Tools

We strive to make your campaigns integrated, efficient and effective. To achieve this, we work with industry-leading marketing platform, HubSpot. The genius of the HubSpot system is the integration of all your sales and marketing efforts in one place, so no more cobbling together different software. HubSpot is the strong foundation that underpins all of our Inbound and hybrid campaigns.

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